Data Science Course

Data Science Training Course Overview

Data Science is a kind of statistical analysis and data digging process to withdraw data from vast amount of sources in diverse forms. The driving impetus of data science is a rigorous search for raw data that is in turn systematically refined to the conclusive outcome. The field of data science pulls together data from many different disciplines and forms blended data patterns.

Our Hope Tutors data science training centre in Chennai is training many of hopeful data scientists to achieve their goals in the growing field of data science. Our data science training institute teaches you how to mine data from different platforms through different means.

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Data Science - Facts, Statistics, Job Opportunities and Salary – An Overview

Data science is a scientific method by which we collect and distill informations and data from various sources. Data science is a widely used method to merge statistics with data analysis to get to the point of refined and qualified data product.

Data Science Course in Chennai

Statistical facts

Of all the data we ever generate, merely less than 0.5% data is analysed.

Just a 10% of increase in data accessibility will increase additional 65 million dollars to the income of Fortune 1000 companies.

By 2020, we are expected to have almost 6.1 billion smartphones worldwide, which will generate tons of data.

Data Science Course in Chennai

Job Opportunities

In the recent times Data Science saw a big leap in job openings. Because data scientists have valuable resources, companies are hunting to hire them. You can get job opportunities as:

  • Data analysts
  • Business developers
  • Statisticians
  • Statistical Analysts

And it has a wide variety of job openings and guides you to the best career options.

Data Scientists are the master-builders of our data-driven society, who are indispensable for the availability of excellent data with much quality to be used in various platforms. They are equipped with all the intellectual tools to use it to their advantages.

In the wake of booming demand for data science in business development and IT sectors, large corporations are hiring professionals with good data science skills.

Data Science Course in Chennai

Roughly 90% of data scientists are contacted at least once in couple of weeks with a job offer! It makes sense to have a solid training course to have the best job offer at our disposal.


Data scientists are earning their paid compensation as much as Rs. 6,20,244/- per annum - which is Rs. 51,687 per month according to a salary-measuring firm.

Our Hope Tutors data science training institute has some of the best data scientists in their faculty who are training our students to reach their ultimate potential.

Our data science training course in Chennai consists of 30 hours of training sessions. Contact us for the FREE DEMO for Data science course in Chennai and further info. Kindly go through this link:

Key features

30 hours of intensive training sessions
Practical demonstrations beyond the mere classroom training
Affordable and convenient fee
Free demo classes
Real-time projects to delve deep into data science
Statistically sound learning tools

Course Description

  • Summary of data science, data analytics, and data mining
  • Widely used tools to approach data analytics
  • Key components of statistics and statistical data analysis
  • Analysing the data and data modelling
  • Fundamentals of Tableau
  • Widely applied visualization methods
  • Exploring the vital compositions of Machine Learning
  • Introducing Python language and its source libraries
  • Linear and Logical regression analysis
  • 2 sets of projects program

Just a brief understanding of collecting and refining the data is sufficient to learn our data science training course.

    To be of guidance to fresher students as well as experienced professionals, Hope Tutors offers job placement programs as a follow-up. You can reach us any time with your doubts to our number +91 787 101 22 33 or through


  • Splunk
  • Pentaho
  • Big Data
  • Qliksense

Course Review

Amirtha Raj
Data Analyst

Hi, I’ve heard a lot about data science and wanted to set my career on it. One of my friends had recommended me Hope Tutors. It’s a big thing I’ve done to myself. The training here is stunningly superb. I’m given hands-on practices to dig deep into data science. The trainer tried very good to clarify my doubts. I highly recommend Hope Tutors to study data science.